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Keeping your gutters clean is a crucial part of your home maintenance - so why leave it to chance? Here at 3 Counties Cleaning we are a family owned and run professional gutter cleaning company based in Frimley Green, and we've been cleaning gutters in the areas bordering, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire since 2010.

We use the pure hot water fed wash and reach system.

All our vans are sign written and staff wear our uniform with our logo; together with five million pounds of insurance cover and our 100% cleaning guarantee, you will have complete peace of mind regarding who is working on your property.


Call the office and get a quote
Join our 6 weekly round
We will text or call you  the day
before we are due
We carry out our services the next day (weather permitting)
Payment is made by all our options (see payment page)


We are so confident of our cleaning system and our staffs drive for perfection, if you are not satisfied with you clean please call us within 24hrs and we will return to re clean your windows.




You’ll spot our reliable and friendly staff when they arrive in one
of our sign written vans, wearing the 3 Counties uniform, so you
can be sure of who you are dealing with. This gives you peace of
mind, especially if you book our services for an elderly relative.

Gutter Cleaning


To clear your gutters, we use a gutter vac from the ground level. This system will remove any debris, leaves or dirt that have built up in your gutters and down pipes over time.

With the gutter vac we can reach over Conservatories and obstacles. We will take away and dispose of anything removed.

If you require a quote for this service, please advise your window cleaner or call the office on 01252 834404 and we will book your clean.

"I cannot recommend 3 Counties Cleaning enough. My windows and sills are always immaculate. Reliable, reasonable and 5* service they are the best in the area."

Mrs Nina Lewis

"3 Counties hot pure water system ensures my windows are always gleaming. Friendly uniformed staff and a reliable well priced service equals a happy customer."

Mr Crawley

"We have been using  3 Counties since the business started up and can thoroughly recommend them. Lain and Jordan are professional, efficient, friendly and helpful."

Mrs Siebert


Using reverse osmosis and deionisation technology first developed by NASA, tap water is purified removing all traces of dissolved minerals and impurities.

Once purified the water is ready to be used for cleaning and transported in our large vehicle mounted tanks to your property. The water is heated and pumped up telescopic poles to a specifically designed brush head.

By scrubbing the windows, frames and sills debris is then loosened, the pure water fired from the jets in the brush then attracts the loose dirt due to the loss of ions in the filtration process.

The windows are then thoroughly rinsed, washing off the dirt solution leaving nothing but pure water on the glass. This is then left to dry, leaving your windows crystal clear, the same applies to too frame and sills.

Hot water pole cleaning system


We are so confident of our cleaning system and our staffs drive for perfection, if you are not satisfied with you clean please call us within 24hrs and we will return to re clean your windows.


What are the advantages of the Pure Water System?
  • Using pure water requires no detergent, which is better for the environment and leaves windows cleaner as there is no detergent residue for dirt to cling to.
  • Frames and sills are cleaned at the same time as your glass and won’t be damaged by having a ladder leaning on them.
  • The Water Fed Pole system means no more ladder holes in your lawn.
  • It's better for your privacy as we don’t climb to your upstairs windows.
  • Windows inaccessible to ladders, including windows above conservatories, can be cleaned.
  • There are also increasing health and safety concerns over using ladders. Although they aren’t banned, most window cleaners are turning away from them as several are killed and many more seriously injured each year. Using the pure water system removes the risk of a window cleaner having an accident on your property. It is important to note that many traditional window cleaners are uninsured, which could mean a legal headache for you if one is injured on your premises.
Can the water damage or stain my property?

No, it’s pure water so it’s less harmful to your property than rainwater.

Are you a franchise?

No, we are a family business. My name is Pete Davey and I am the M.D, Sally my partner is in the office and deals with all admin. My son and 2 son in-laws both work in the business and with employees that are experienced and handpicked by me we are ready to deal with the work that comes our way.

What does your insurance cover?

It covers any damage to property or injuries to any persons that may occur in the course of our work, up to £5,000,000.

How do you access my property if I’m not at home?

There are a number of options, every customer will be called or text the night before there clean to advise you to leave a garden gate unlocked, if a customer forgets we will call them and if possible use a ladder to get access over the gate.

Do you use any chemicals?

On your first clean we do spray a degreasing agent on to the window as a lot of windows have not been cleaned for some time and need a longer first clean. When cleaning inside or conservatory roofs we use a small amount of specialist biodegradable window cleaning detergent.